Church Leadership Essentials

What Every Pastor Needs to Know


About the book

Think of this book as a toolbox full of leadership tools for pastors and other church leaders. Greg Atkinson has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of issues, and offer solutions and resolutions in a practical and meaningful way. He packs 34 key leadership principles into concise but powerful chapters. This book is the vital leadership training that many seminaries fail to offer. It can revolutionize your ministry.
What others say about the book
Ron Edmondson
Greg is one of the more thoughtful leaders in the church today. I’ve worked with him personally and found him to be very professional and helpful. He knows church leadership. This is one to put on your bookcase where you can get to it quickly. Great church resource.
Ben Reed
Whether you’re a lead pastor, a staff member, or serve in leadership in any way in your church, you’ll find Greg’s book dripping with practical leadership advice. This is a book you’ll come back to over and over. I know I will.
Scott Rodgers
Greg Atkinson has hit a home run with Church Leadership Essentials. His heart as a pastor shines through in his leadership. This book is packed with leadership essentials that put people first. Greg’s approach is so practical. You and your team would benefit greatly by discussing and applying its content.
About the author
Greg Atkinson is a pastor, author, consultant and speaker who loves Jesus, the gospel and the Church. Greg has been in ministry for over two decades and has been writing, training, speaking and motivating thousands of church leaders since 2000. Greg has a degree in worship/religion and is doing post-graduate work in the areas of leadership, communication and worship. Greg has been highly published in various magazines and on websites including, and, to name a few. He wrote the Foreword for the book Facebook for Pastors and is featured twice in the, Top 100 Book for Top Article regarding Church Leadership. Greg's is the author of Church Leadership Essentials, Strange Leadership and Secrets of a Secret Shopper. Greg is the Founder of Worship Impressions and is based in the Charlotte area.